Lost my model within file!

I lost my model within my sketchup file - may be super zoomed out? cant get back to it.

Did you try Zoom Extents?

Did you try selecting some part of the model through Outliner and zooming in on it?

If you share the file we can probably help you get it sorted out.

I tried zoom extents - how exactly do you do outliner and zoom?

Right click on a component or group in Outliner and choose Zoom Selected.

Trying to upload file here but having some issues

I’ll guess it’s too large to upload here. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Wow outliner worked! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

That’s great but does your model disappear again if you hit Zoom Extents?

no it doesnt

Well, that’s good.

oh wait yes it did - what does that mean?

That most likely means you’ve got some entity at a huge distance from the rest of the model.

and i lost everything again

and zoom selection isn’t working anymore

Not really. It means that the camera has to be placed so far away in order to show the extents of the model that you can’t see any of it. Imagine flying high enough to be able to take a picture of a house in Chicago and one in Atlanta at the same time. If you got far enough up to be able to see both Chicago and Atlanta in the viewfinder of your camera, you wouldn’t be able to see either house.

Try selecting a few components in Outliner and then run it. Or do as I asked earlier and share the file .

okay all good i’m back thank you for the help i will try to find the object

One option to find it notw that you can see the model might be to do a Cmd+A to select everything in the model space. Then while holding Shift with Select, drag a left to right selection window around the model. Look at Entity Info. Is there still anything shown selected? If so, hit Delete. Do this with all tags, hidden objects, and hidden geometry visible.

got it ty!