Project lost in space, can't zoom in/out to find it

I was working on a project and all of a sudden I just see the green canvas. I could eventually find the axes using the position camera tool, but could never zoom to find the project again. Zoom extent doesn’t find it either. Before I change the eye level, it shows something like --2239843973 feet. It’s not like I just started the project, so I would appreciate any ideas on how to view it again. Thank you!

Very probably you have some small bit of geometry located at a great distance from the main model so Zoom Extents is trying to include it all.

Do you have any components or groups in the model space? If so, you can select one from the Outliner right click on it and choose Zoom Selection. That should bring you to the model. If my guess is correct, you should get rid of the offending distance entities. If you upload the model, it’ll be easier to identify the exact problem.

Also make sure you didn’t just hide the model. Go to Edit>Unhide and choose All. Then Zoom Extents.

It’s most likely as Dave suggests. You could try going to the Edit menu and Selecting all…then group it. The resulting bounding box will then give you an idea of what is actually in the model…and if you’ve got any rogue bits way away from the origin. You could then use the Outliner to get into the group and then swipe-select and delete anything that seems to be in some faraway corner of the box. You don’t even need to be able to see it, as it’s going to be defining that particular corner of the box.

Open Outliner and delete the Overhead garage door. That seems to be the problem. Then turn Fog off and zoom to extents

Just tried that, but unfortunately still nothing. I had a large front shot of a building built before this all happened.

If you are able to view it, can you send the file back please?

It worked for me. I could see the store frontage and the line of flowers hidden behind it, Have you turned off the Fog? You won’t be able to see a darn thing with that on. By the time you’ve zoomed out to extents the fog is too thick to see anything.
Try selecting everything in the Outliner EXCEPT the garage doors and Paste in Place into a new file.

I had to delete the Garage door, then select all, copy, and paste into a fresh file.

As @AlanF said, the problem was with the component definition ‘Overhead Glass Garage Door’

Reloading the component from 3D Warehouse resolved the issue.

Here’s the model at the 3DWH

Yes I did. Weird that it isn’t working for me

Got it by selecting all and copying - pasting into another file. Thank you for all the help! Much appreciated.