Lost my project somewhere in the 3D envionment

I made something in Sketch and it’s quite small and I’ve zoomed out and I can’t find it. Is there some way I can home in on the something I made? I made a group and component out of some of the ■■■■ so maybe that helps. Closing and re-opeinng the program did nothing to help.

Did you try Zoom Extents?

If you made a component or group, it should show up in the Outliner. Right click on it there and choose Zoom Selection.

I didn’t try Zoom Extents. Zoom Selection in the Outliner worked though, thanks!

You might want to try Zoom Extents, though. It’s a good way to check for unwanted entities at a long distance from the origin or to see where your model is relative to the origin if it isn’t close like it should be.