My school project disappeared after adding a 3d warehouse item

My whole model disappeared yet the entities show up. I tried zoom extents but that didn’t work. I found other forums that suggested using the outliner to delete the bugging components, but I do not have it. Can someone please use their full version to help me out? This is for a school project - the coffee mugs and blood splatter components were the most recent ones
CrimeScene.skp (2.3 MB)
I added that bugged out. There also appears to be a man and backpack component that I didn’t download.

I attached my file

Please don’t double post, it causes confusion, double answering and is against forum rules.
In the web version, select around the origin, right click on it ans select Zoom Selection.
GIF 3-03-2024 1-37-20 PM

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Also get in the habit of purging unused stuff from your model.
GIF 3-03-2024 1-47-39 PM

alright I will try that and let you know if I get it and I did not know that about the unused items thank you!

I dont see the zoom selection option. I only see invert selection. I purged all the unused items and apologize about the double post I didn’t know

alright I purged the items and then played around with zooms and tried zoom extents and I can see my project now thank you so much!

Glad you got there.

In this case it usually means you haven’t got anything selected, notice how I right clicked right on the origin, this was so I was clicking on whatever was there and selected. Just a bit off and you can miss the geometry and not get the Zoom selection option.

I had assumed you had already tried Zoom Extents or I would have suggested it first.