Sketchup 2021 model disappeared after importing furniture from 3d warehouse

Hello, I imported furniture from 3d warehouse and when I was trying to move it my model disappeared and I saw nothing but a color of a wall in the model, I’ve tried to zoom out and I’ve tried to fix it with zoom extents but it’s not working. I closed SketchUp to see if the problem would be fixed but when I reopen it the problem persists. please help because if I can’t fix it it means hours of work down the drain.

Use the outliner to delete the last thing you downloaded.

i did but it didnt fix it

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

the file is too big so here’s a link

I’m downloading it now.

What is the name of the last thing you imported from the 3D Warehouse?

A spotlight fixture, but after @Box told me to delete the last thing I downloaded I deleted it. so before that it was a house plant but i don’t exactly remember what it was named as on 3d warehouse

The problem is you managed to get some geometry positioned a very long way from the rest of your model. You can see some tiny little entities down at the lower right corner of the screenshot. The rest of your model is way up in the upper left corner.

I deleted them as well as that window (dark spot below and to the right of the rest of the model in the image, above. Then I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_13_2023 , 7_52_08 AM
And purged unused components, materials, tags, etc. from your model. There’s no reason to be hoarding all that stuff.
Screenshot - 6_13_2023 , 7_53_50 AM
O the remaining materials there are a number of them that are much larger than they need to be for what they bring to your project.

Unless your story is about the details of a laptop computer, you really don’t need the Intel logo. Probably don’t need the textures for the keyboard or speakers or the soil under the orchid. There are also a number of duplicate materials that you could consolidate to make your model more efficient.

The file is still too large to upload here directly but I’ll come back with the link as soon as I have a link to it.

Here’s the link to your model. Before you start moving ahead and adding more content to it, take a liitle time to clean up what you have. Get rid of stuff that you don’t really need. Edit the components and remove things like the soil texture in the orchid dish. It can’t be seen anyway. Maybe get rid of the pots and plant outside of the bedroom window. Make sure you purcge unused components and materials.

I set the face style to Monochrome and turned off Profiles in the style so that your graphics card won’t have to work so hard.

FWIW, the purging I did reduced the file size by 80%. It can be reduced more.

Thank you so much for the help, Dave. and lol yeah you’re right I don’t really that much detail. I’m pretty much new to SketchUp so I wasn’t aware that they were taking this much space.

You’re welcome.

Components, materials, and styles that you might try in your model and then reject remain as part of the file unless you purge them. This can be a benefit if you inadvertantly delete something and decide you want it back. You can drag a new copy in from the In Model collection. But if you decide the bed or sofa you inserted isn’t the right thing for the project, only deleting it from the model space is like stuffing up into the attic. Until you purge the unused content all those pieces of furniture and plants are just filling up the attic and threatening the ceiling to collapse on you.

The general advice for best workflow with the 3D Warehouse is to keep a second SketchUp session open. Use it to download components from the 3D Warehouse so you can inspect them to make sure they are suitable. Clean them up as needed before you copy and paste into your project. Think of it a little as going to the furniture store to look at and try out the couch before you buy it and bring it home. As that second SketchUp session starts to fill up, delete the objects and purge unused components and materials to empty the file.

When you examine the objects you are getting, consider what they will add to the story you are trying to tell with your model. Remove anything that doesn’t add important information. Granted this takes time but a little time spent on the front end cleaning up the objects will be repaid later.

Oh wow thank you I’ll be sure to remember that

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