Loaded a chair from 3D warehouse and my model got lost

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As I mentioned on the topic, I was working on my model perfectly and I loaded a chair from 3d warehouse, and my model got lost, pretty lost. I’ve tried zoom extend but I has not worked. If you all have any suggestions please let me know.

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Share the model file with us so we can see what you’ve got. Or at least identify the chair component so we can look at it. Very likely the chair component is the wrong size or your model is.

You could try deleting the chair component from the Outliner window, and after that, selecting another object, right-clicking and selecting Zoom selection from the popup menu.

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I have been trying to uploaded it but it tells me there is an error uploading the file. I do not remember exactly which chair is it, but it is one of these two (not sure if this helps).Chairs

Found it! This solved my problem, thank you so much!

Deleting the chair component made your model show up again? It might be a good idea to figure out why adding the chair made the rest of the model disappear before it happens again.

Probably your file is too large to upload directly but if you upload it to Drop Box or similar and share the link that would work.

Well, not really deleting the chair made my model appear. I opened the outliner window and then I looked for that chair, clicked on it and it took me to the chair, which it was next to my model, then I just deleted the chair (just to avoid any other similar issue)