HELP PLEASE. Lost my model as I was finishing it

I’ve been using Sketchup for a few years now and never had any issues. I’m working on a 3d landscape design for a customers new home and as I was almost finished, I added in a Shed model from 3d warehouse. The model was getting a little heavy and lagging a bit. As soon as I imported the shed into my design, it briefly froze. I guess while it froze, I tried moviny my mouse and 3d mouse and seem to have gotten lost in the abyss. I can’t for the life of me find my model now!
The worst part is Im seeing a trick on youtube where you click on the magnifying glass with arrows and it brings you back to the axis, problem is, I had turned axis’ off way before this happened!
Can anyone help please?! Im supposed to hand in this design today and it took like a week to build.

Do you know which shed from 3D Warehouse it was that you added?

Did you try zoom extents?

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Did you try it on the copy that SU make every x minute.
Then make a second copy of that file and try it again.

Beware of some of the models found in the 3DWH.

They may be super bloated with millions of edges and/or located very far from the axes origin.

The safest way is to load such models in a separate SU file to be able to correct any such problems.

When that is done, you can save the imported model and then imprt it in your main SU model.

In 3d warehouse, I searched “corner shed”. Its the first one that comes up by “Jon”. It says "geolocated as well…

Geolocated may be the problem. It may be at a location far from your model.

It’s hard to say for sure, but it sounds like you might have accidentally placed the new component a very long distance away from your existing work. That can cause Zoom Extents (Magnifying Glass with Arrows) to zoom out so far that you cannot see any of your geometry. If that is the case you should still find all your geometry in the Outliner window. From there you can hide or delete the shed component that you recently added and Zoom Extents should work the way you expect (it does not require visible axes).

That’s the problem. Unless it was geo-located exactly where your model is geo-located it’s been placed at a huge distance from the rest of your model. This is another good reason for the advicce to download conteent from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file and fix it (remove the geo-location in this case) before adding it to your project.

Find the shed component in Outliner. Select it and press Delete to make it go away. Then purge unused components from your model and finally click on Zoom Extents.

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So I just looked up the outliner and my stuff seems to be listed there. I just deleted tge corner shed from the list.
I then hit the zoom extents icon but nothing seems to happen. I just see grey and horizon.

Well, as Box originally requested 4 hours ago, share the .skp file. Let’s quit guessing at fixes.

The shed was still in the model. I deleted it and then repaired the Camera position.

You really need to get a handle on using components and groups correctly. As it is, everything you created in the model is a big hunk of loose geometry. This makes the model more difficult to work with. You also have exposed back faces primarily on the basketball court that should be fixed.

I did my normal cleanup. Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_7_2024 , 10_57_52 AM
Purged the unused components and stuff you are hoarding.
Screenshot - 6_7_2024 , 10_58_32 AM
This reduced the file size by 96%.

Here’s the file. The Face Style is set to Monchrome to allow you to see the faces that need reversing.
Shivi - Millgrove purged.skp (11.7 MB)