My model disappeared after downloading from the warehouse - how can I find it back?

Hi there.
I’m quite a newbie to Sketchup and have managed to make my model disappear. This happened after I downloaded some items from the warehouse - which I just found out after searching this forum, I never should have done directly into my model…

Also I have found other people with the same problem in this forum, but all the suggestions on how to solve it seem to be unavailable in the free version of Sketchup. For example, there is no Outliner available in the free program, unfortunately.

I have managed to delete one of the items downloaded, but still I am not able to go back to my model. I connected my Sketchup to Trimble, and there I can click on “Zoom to selection” after I have selected an item, so I can see everything is still there - I just don’t know where I can find it in Sketchup.

Can anyone help me finding my model back in the free online version?


Download the model to your computer and add it to a reply here and someone will have a look at it.

You can try this, it might work:

  • if you know where you created the model (normally near the Origin 0,0,0, and if you see the axes), you can try to select that area (from left to right). The model you imported directly from 3dwarehouse into your drawing is probably either on a very large scale or positioned at a very large distance;
  • right click over selected objects > Select > Invert Selected;
  • Delete;
  • Zoom Extents.

I just recreated a probable situation, using that box (your model) and positioning a copy (model imported from 3D warehouse) at a great distance

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Thank you for your prompt reply, Mihai! I really appreciate you are so service minded!

The thing was, a whole new origin was created together with the downloaded model. The new model was easy to delete, but I was not able to find back to my original model. I guess there is a logic behind this that I don’t understand, but at the end I managed to restore an older version from the history of my file.

I’ll be more cautious when downloading from the warehouse the next time!


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There is only one origin, so it is not likely that changed with an imported model. There are a few things that could have happened giving the appearance of the origin moving. As @Box said, the only way to tell is by looking at the model. Otherwise, the best any of us can do I guess.

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