My floor plan disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back,

Hi, I was working on Sketch up for schools and all of a sudden my model disappears. My file is still big so I know It’s in there some where I just don’t know how to find it. If anyone could help Please let me know.

First try Zoom Extents.

If that shows your model as a dot in the distance, try Zoom Window round it and see if that brings it up.

If it does, you’ve got some objects (possibly Text attached to an object that has been deleted) way outside the intended part of the model.

If it isn’t text, try a right to left selection window successively outside the top, left side, right side and bottom of the model. In each case see if Entity Info shows anything selected. If so, erase it and move to the next side of the window.

And if none of that works, upload the model here or to a file sharing service and provide a link, in your next post in the forum.

Thank you for replying. So I tried those things and nothing happened. So I’m going to try to upload the file here.

Do you know how to download your file from SU Web? Then upload it to the forum? In case not…
click on the top left Folder icon, then click on Download.

Once you have the file downloaded, if it isn’t too big you can just drag it from File Explorer to a post you are editing.

If it won’t upload here, upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive (there are others too), and post a link here.

okay I will do that because I was trying to upload the file here but it’s too big.

You may need to set some sharing permissions or something. That link leads me to a blank page.

I need to figure out how to do that. It works when I send it through email.

It’s not uploading I don’t know what to do.

Are you confusing Google Docs with Google Drive?

Maybe, I really don’t have good experience with these things.

Go to
or Dropbox
or One Drive
Or any of the other cloud file storage services.

I’m afraid there’s nothing in your model apart from Components and Materials. You could place the components again from the Components window.

Edges 0
Faces 0
Component Instances 0
Guides 0
Guide Points 0
Groups 0
Images 0
3d Polylines 0
Section Planes 0
Dimensions 0
Text 0
Classification Types 0
Classified Entities 0
Component Definitions 253
Tags 20
Materials 315
Styles 1

So there is noway to find the model?

There are a lot of components in the file, so don’t delete or purge the file. Have a look through them and see if you can get back what you had in the file.

Maybe someone else can find something, but all those zeroes above mean no edges, faces, component instances or groups placed in the model. It’s still a big file though with all those components in it.

Okay, thank you for your help.

Just going by the name, is this component your floorplan?
INTR284-02revised salon (1)

Yes it is!

This file contains only that floorplan, which I’ve moved back to the origin. It was about 3km away in your file.

If you want the other components, they’re still in the file you uploaded earlier.

INTR284-02revised salon_gm.skp (1.1 MB)
Edit: get the latest version of this, the origin of the component’s axes were still 3km in negative x-axis direction.