Help! How can I get my disappeared floor plan back?

I am a novice on Sketchup web, and have made a floorplan that all of a sudden disappeared! All of a sudden only the dimensions and text labels show up. I’ve been creating the floorplan on one plane of the 3 axis layout. And I’ve tried to zoom in and out but still the floor plan isn’t visible. I also tried selecting All but the only things that can be seen in Blue are the dimensions and texts. I’ve also tried selecting Undo many times, but I don’t see any changes. I also closed out of Sketchup (on Chome on MacOS High Sierra) but nothing changes when I log back in. Is anyone familiar with this problem? Are the elements still there but just not visible? (Sketchup Web free).

thank you in advance

Is it possible you’ve only hidden it? Go to the Display panel and tick the box for Hidden Objects. Anything you’ve hidden should show up as a mesh. Or did you assign a layer to the floor plan and turn off its visibility?

If you share the SKP file, we can take a look at it and give you more specific advice.

How can I share the SKP file?

Download it to your computer and drag and drop the SKP file into a reply in this thread.

I’m using Sketchup Web free. I haven’t seen where I can output the data…

Download is found by clicking the file folder icon.

Looks to me as if you’d created some bad text. After deleting the screen text the model reappeared.
Side load garage on left.skp (219.9 KB)

Looks like you should spend some time learning the fundamentals of SketchUp. Especially when it comes to the use of groups and components.

Dave, Thank you so much! I will get up to speed and figure this out. I greatly appreciate your help today!!!


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I’ll look into how to import the file into Web version (hopefully I can do that). Or maybe I need to buy the Pro version…?

I got it. Thank you very much Dave. It was greatly appreciated.

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If you are using SketchUp for something other than personal, non-commercial projects you need Pro or at least SketchUp Shop.

Nope, just our new house concepts. I just wondered if using the Pro version brings a different level of functionality for this. But it sounds like I need to spend time learning how to use it either way. I really appreciate your help today!

Some of what you need will just come from learning how to use the program. There are some options that Pro gives you (besides a license for commercial work) such as importing and exporting CAD files and access to LayOut which is the documentation side of things. If you need to make documents from your SketchUp model for permitting or other sorts of communications, LayOut is the ticket. Additionally, the desktop client versions can be extended quite a lot with the installation of extensions and plugins. If you needed materials take-offs or you want to model more complex stuff or a myriad of other things, you can probably find extensions to help.

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Does the Shop version provide LayOut as well?

No. LayOut is only available with Pro.

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