HELP! My floor plan got disappear in no apparent reason

Im practicing some floor plan in sketchup then suddenly my work disappeared! The only left on my screen is the texts i put. I try zooming in and out but it doesnt work. Can someone please help me :sob:

Are all layers visible? I see you are working with dashed lines. Is your basic geometry still “on” Layer0 as should?

Otherwise please upload the model to share here.

Checked Autosave files?

It’s likely that the view camera has moved very far from the model contents, making them too small to see. There is a known bug in SketchUp prior to 2019 that can cause this. If you upload your model here (or if it is bigger than 3MB share it on a service such as Dropbox and post a link here) one of us may be able to salvage it for you.