Sketchup Model Disappeared

Hello. My drawing disappeared when I tried to see it as an elevation. I changed the view to two point perspective instead of just perspective, and my model just disappeared. If someone could help that would be very useful, as my model is completely finished and I spent a whole week creating it. Thank you in advance.

Try hitting Zoom Extents. Does that help? If not, upload the model so we can take a look.

I tried it, but it didnt work. When i try to upload the file it says its too big. What should I do?

How about uploading it to Drop Box and sharing the link?

I’d also eat a piece of chocolate cake. It might not help but it probably won’t hurt.

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Here is the link

Between a section cut and hiding a bunch of geometry, you’ve managed to cloak it all. Here I’ve deleted the section plane and unhid all of the geometry.

You’ve got a component in the model that contains Bryce, a vanity, and what appears to be a bunch of junk which was also hidden within.

new ideafghjkl.skp (3.2 MB)

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Does that mean I can’t get a section, or ive just fine a mistake while doing it

You can have the section cut but if you hide the rest of the model two, you won’t be able to see any of your model.

I didnt know i hid the model, I did it by accident i guess. Anyway, thank you so much.

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