Model Disappears, Axes gone, Gray workspace

Hi all!
I am new to SketchUp. I brought component from Warehouse and was trying to scale it, suddenly my workspace turned gray. I can’t see my model and the axes. Axes are one, Zoom extents is not working, Scenes do not take me to the model.
Is there anyone that can help me with that, please?
(The file is too big to upload here)

Are you really using SketchUp for Schools as your profile says? That is the web based version for school children.

Upload the file to Dropbox or We Transfer and share the link so we can see what you are working with.

What operating system? Your answer to that question in your profile makes no sense. Nor does your answer about the graphics card.

Thank you for the response. I think I have fixed the info on my profile.
Here is the link to the file I have been working on. I have been using the same file on my laptop and the school desktop computer.

I´m checking your file, it´s strange I haven´t seen something like that before, I selected everything with Ctrl+A and pasted on an empty file, it´s taking some time cause its a big file.

Big big thanks!
appreciate you looking into this as I have been working on this for a few weeks now! Thank you for your time again and hopefully you have luck

Its taking a lot of time, I´m going to bed right now but I´ll let sketchup working, I´ll be back in 5-6 hours

Learn not to import components from 3D Warehouse (or other sources) directly into the model you are working on.

Learn the basics of SketchUp at

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Mihai found the problem, it wasn’t possible to paste the model on a new file, sketchup had crashed when I woke up.
You shouldn’t download models directly to your main model, some models are corrupted, you were lucky this time, some people have lost their entire file because they downloaded corrupted models from the 3DWH. Also watching at your model now I can see that the models you’ve downloaded as assets are overkill, they are heavy, a model of the size of your model shouldn’t weight more than 20mb exaggerating, that’s why I almost never use the 3DWH, there are very few models that are usable as assets, the rest are either too heavy or corrupted or both, even if it takes you more time, it’s better to model your own assets, you can create a library with assets made by you that are optimized, I’ve done that for years and now I have a big library of low poly but high quality assets. If you’re going to render you can use proxy’s that are very light but look great on the render, a lot better than a over detailed model from the 3DWH.

Than you so much for your help and time, I can’t believe it’s been fixed.
Thank you both for help and advice. I appreciate it.