Model disappeared - all just green



I’m the network manager for a secondary school, and Sketchup isn’t one of my core skills, so please forgive me if I’m asking a really basic question here!

One of our students is doing his independent study project using Sketchup, he ‘added something’ and then the whole model disappeared. I can work out that at 23mb it’s not a blank file, so he’s not deleted everything, and if I go into the outliner there are loads of items listed. Nothing so far as I can see is hidden and all the layers are visible - I tried hiding them sequentially in case that made a difference, but it doesn’t. Can anybody help me with this one please, it’s lots of work for him (no, he didnt’ do any intermediate version saves!) and it would be good if we can get it back to normal.




Try this:
In Sketchup Preferences>OpenGL >Toggle the “Use Fast feedback” checkbox.



It could be a wayward text label that is caused by a bug, or a few other things.
Best bet would be to upload it to the warehouse or drop box etc and put a link here and someone will most likely be able to fix it.



I tried the OpenGL toggling from dezmo which didn’t make any difference I’m afraid.

Hopefully thisdropbox link will work okay



Ok, a simple fix for now that you can do.
Open the model, go Edit select all, Edit Copy, open a blank model and and paste.
This should get the model back for you.
I’m not sure what caused the issue, but there are some errors and many unused components that need cleaning up.



Box - Thankyou! That’s a lot of reworking saved for the lad, and I’ll pass on your comments about cleaning up unused components to him.

Best wishes



He should also look at reversed faces.
SU has back and front faces, the white ones are the front, so you should only see white if everything has thickness and is correctly orientated.
Purging files is something that needs doing regularly, everything you add in and delete or overwrite remains in the model until you purge it. You can purge components, layers and materials individually via the various dialogs or all together via Model info statistics.
Good luck with it.



Which would explain why the version I’ve just created by copying everything over is about a quarter the file size?



Yes. Copy will only get what was selected, dropping all the rest.

Edit: I took a look at the model. I didn’t find any issues with errant leader text or entities far from the origin, but for some reason the view’s camera has gone off to beyond Jupiter and the model is too small to see from such a distance. The green is the ground plane, which shows because it is infinite. The copy-paste technique makes SketchUp reset the camera, so that is one way to repair the view as well as to purge unused content.

While looking, I noticed some other problems. To help with better modeling in the future:

Just two components, the TOTO showers and the chairs, contribute over 264000 of the model’s 294777 edges. They were no doubt downloaded from the 3D Warehouse, and are wildly over-detailed for what they contribute to the model! This is a common issue with things found in the 3d Warehouse. They may be ok as detailed standalone models, but will rapidly bloat a larger model if you embed them there. Always download from the 3DW to a separate model and check for appropriate detail before adding a component into your model. If you won’t be able to see the details in the normal use of your model, there is no reason to include them! You could make your model much more manageable by replacing those components with something simpler.

The large window component has two levels of unnecessary nesting; all the geometry is in the deepest entity in the nest. You can explode two levels with no bad consequences. Furthermore, all those edges and faces are associated with the Library 1st Floor layer. All edges and faces should be drawn on and associated with Layer0 and only their component or group should be associated with another layer.