My sketchup model is blank!

Hello there,

I was working on a model in SketchUp and suddenly it went blank, when I reopened it, seems that the file is empty (I can’t even see the axes lines) but the file size is 200Mb. Can anybody help me? any suggestions?

I tried already:
Selecting all and copying pasting into a new file
Importing into a new file
Unhide all

Please help!

It’ll be too large to upload directly so upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive. Then share the link so we can look at it and help you.

here’s the file

thank you so much for replying!


OK. I fixed the camera so your model is displayed.

I’ve also fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 5_28_2021 , 4_14_03 PM

…and purged unused stuff from the model…
Screenshot - 5_28_2021 , 4_14_37 PM

…which resulted in a slight more than 51% file size reduction. You should get in the habit of making sure all edges and faces are untagged and that you purge unused stuff periodically.

Also make sure face orientation is correct throughout the model. There shouldn’t be any exposed blue back faces in your 3D objects such as the walls.

Here’s the file:

Thank you so much for your help sir, but I designed the whole of that room which seems to be deleted :frowning
it still means a lot :’)

That’s all there was in the file you shared. I didn’t remove anything that was being used in the file.

can you tell me how’d you fixed the camera thing? maybe it was purged with the other components and got deleted.

There is some hidden stuff still in the room. I didn’t unhide it.

I used an extension called SW Rescue My Model to fix the camera and bring it back to where you can see the model.

No. Purging only removes stuff that is not being used in the model.

yes sir, these things are still unseen, can you bring it back and send it to me again?? it would be a great help ,
i’m so anxious right now

You can unhide those things. Go to the Edit menu and choose Unhide>All.

i tried , and it didnt work that;s why asking for help again , thank you so muchh for keeping patience with me

Open the groups until you get in to the hidden stuff. Then you can unhide it.

Its still not working with me sir, i’m so sorry please help

i tried opening the groups and unhiding it again and several times I still see it blank

Here’s the file with those things unhidden.

I would suggest you spend some time going through the SketchUp fundamentals at before you do anything more with this file.

i cannot thank you enough! Thank you so much for your time and patience!

Like Dave, I had a look at your file. He’s got you sorted as far as revealing the hidden objects in your room.

But I don’t understand quite why the file size, even of the room alone, is so big - over 60MB with materials applied, and even deleting all the materials leaves just over 40MB in the file.

I had a look with Steve Baumgartner’s Statistics Probe. The cupboard with toy animals accounts for 140,000 edges, and the chair about 51,000.

Take care when importing models from the 3D warehouse (if that is where you got them from) to avoid over-detailed models - they will quickly slow down your modelling.

Check each imported model in a new file, and reject ones with either large edge counts (see Model Info/Statistics) or large file sizes.

If the material texture sizes are large, they too will bloat your file.

I suspect both have contributed to the excessive file size and edge count in your model for the level of detail you actually need.

As Dave said, there are still a lot of reversed faces in your model - it’s easier to see them if you view your model in View/Face Style/Monochrome.

I take your words to consideration sir. Thank you so much for your time !