My Sketchup model went blank

Hi guys, I was working on my file loading in a furniture, and the file went blank. The file size is still large and I assume everthing is still in. The distance is also larger than usual. Please help, Thank you !

Open Outliner and delete the last thing you added, then use Zoom Extents.
If that doesn’t work you’ll need to attach the model for someone to check it.
Less than 16mb drag and drop into a message box, larger than that and you need to upload to dropbox, wetransfer or similar and paste a link here.

I’ve deleted the last thing I’ve added and use zoom extents but it doesn’t work. here’s the file

You have somehow erased everything in the model (look at model info statistics)! There are still 69 Component Definitions remaining, so you could drag new instances of them from the Components window, but they all look like decorative elements not floors, walls, etc. There is no building for them to go into!

Weird thing is I got a notification of this post and model, but when I looked it wasn’t there so thought he had deleted it. Only appeared for me now with your reply.

That is indeed odd. Gremlins!