Sketchup Model File is Empty

Hi Everyone,
I need urgent help please!
I am travelling so I made a copy of the Sketchup model file that I was working on the pc, I am trying to open it on my laptop but it opens empty!
Here’s the things I checked:

  • I am using the same versions of Sketchup
  • I tried zoom and zoom extent and unhide all nothing worked.
  • I looked up the file size and it is 226 MB
  • When I open the statistics it shows as in the image below.


Can someone please tell me if i can fix it?

Upload the file to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link so we can see what’s going on and try to help you.

The image you posted shows that there are 43 component definitions in the model, but none of them have instances in the model space. That suggests that you somehow erased everything in the model but didn’t purge. Except for loose geometry, which can’t be recovered once erased, you can drag new instances out of the components window and place them in the model to try to rebuild it. Depending on the nature of the model, this might let you recover reasonably quickly.

As @DaveR wrote, we can help better if you can share the model skp file here.

What can I do to make sure that all the components will show once i open it on another pc or laptop?
I can still access my pc through anydesk, so what’s the right way to copy the model with all it’s components?
here’s the model:

Unfortunately the model space is indeed empty in the file you shared. You can drag the components from the In Model components panel out into the model space but I’m guessing there was more to the model before.

If you look at the file on your PC does it look right? If it does, you could try uploading it to We Transfer and see if everything comes over. I would recommond first saving the file in a different directory on your PC and uploading that one. Don’t risk doing anything to the original. And it might be that you need to wait until you get back to your PC to do anything with it.

If you have a need to work remotely on a regular basis you might want to consider updating to SketchUp 2023 so you would have cloud storage through Trimble Connect. Then you could access your files easily. You would also get incremental saves automatically every time you publish the model to your Trimble Connect storage. That has a number of benefits.

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thank you very much, yes there was the thing is on the thumbnail it shows the model, will see what I can do about it.

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