Empty file sketchup model

Hi there, i have file (sketchup model) it is created many times ago and now when i try to open this file it is empty, there is nothing but file size is 23,6 MB. can you help me? any suggestions?

Hello @georgemelkadze sorry to hear you are running into problems. Would you be able to answer a few questions?

What SketchUp version do you have? What computer type and version do you have? Did you get any popups when you opened the file?

Can you attach the model in this thread for us to open and check out?


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open ‘Outliner’ and see where they’re hiding…

i try but there is not nothing :disappointed:

i use sketchup 8 ( somtimes sketchup 2015) i have i5 PC. i can not upload, it says file size is big

Put it in 3dwarehouse (if it’s OK to be public).

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You should purge unneeded content in your model (components, materials, styles, …) to reduce the filesize. They will be saved in the file even if you don’t see them in the model space. I recommend TIGs purge plugin for this task.

Try Camera > Zoom Extents. If you had a bunch of guidelines, first do Edit > Delete Guidelines.

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Outliner presents only Groups and Component Instances in the model space and nothing more.
Component definitions in the file that have no Instances in the model space do not show at all in Outliner.
And Groups and Components which are on a layer that is turned off do not show at all in Outliner.

All of which goes to say; Outliner is not a measure of what is in the model file.

Model Info - Statistics is the real measure of what is in the model file.
If the model file is truly empty; every line item in Entity Info will read 0, except 1 layer and 1 Style.

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Please help me. When I uploaded my skp file (to send it to my professor) in google drive and downloaded it again, it is empty but it says that it’s 44MB. When I click the purge unused, the file only becomes small. Can someone please help me to get my skp model back?

I believe that my file is not entirely empty and that the model is somehow there I just couldn’t find it

I really appreciate it if someone helps me

If you open the Components Browser Model tab what is there ?
Clearly your model contains lots of things to make it that big.
These color be images as textures with Materials as well as definitions for Components.
If a Material or a Component is not used it will still add mass to the SKP file.

So here are some theories…

You accidentally selected all and pressed delete.
This emptied the visible model but left the Materials and Components behind stored in the database.
Any Groups will have been lost.
Then any Purge reduces the size drastically because those are all ‘unused’.

Or maybe you accidentally selected all and assigned them to an OFF Layer.
This makes the model look empty, swthching that Layer back ON will reveal it.
However, since a Purge has drastic results this seems unlikely.

If you accidentally selected all and set them to be hidden and hidden geometry is OFF.
This makes the model look empty, swithching hidden geometry ON and making all visible will restore visibility.
However, since a Purge has drastic results this seems unlikely.

If you accidentally selected all and use Edit>Cut that data is now long lost.

Do you not have a back up copy of your original SKP ?
The SKB on a PC is the version just before you last saved it.
On a MAC there is a ‘~’ in the file ending…

You say you uploaded it to Google-Drive.
But do you not still have the original SKP on your computer ?
Or are both versions foobar ?
Has you Computer’s System not done an automatic [regular] backup recently etc ??

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Thank you for your help. I checked everything, layers, hidden geometry and still nothing.
There is nothing in the outliner dialog and in statistics, there are no edges, faces etc

I doubt that I deleted all because if I did, why is it still 44MB?

does that mean that my model is really gone. i will try to upload the file in 3dwarehouse

I still have the original SKP file but this is the one I sent to my professor and I have to prove that my SKP file was okay when I uploaded it

zip your original skp and send it as evidence…
if you haven’t modified it since the date you uploaded the broken one, it will have creation date and last modified information on the file…

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I understand but he will only accept the one that I sent, so I’m doing everything that I can to fix the SKP file I uploaded. Anyway, thank you very much.

To anyone reading this thread, please help me. I’m already uploading the file in 3dwarehouse

Post the link to the model in the warehouse.

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If your model looks empty and does not show anything in the outliner, then do NOT purge unused yet. Otherwise all unused components and materials will also be lost.

Copy this file as a backup and temporarily rename its extention *.skp to something else.

Only then start manipulating the original to try to find out where the model is.

As TIG mentioned, your groups may already be deleted.

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This is the orginal file that I uploaded in google drive


(upload in warehouse is taking too long)


Your screenshot indicates there are 51 Component Definitions in the model.
However, you failed to tick Show Nested Components.

IF you had deleted all geometry in the model space
AND you subsequently Purged Unused
THEN there would be no Component Definitions in the Model Info - Statistics panel

Tick Show Nested Components in the Model Info - Statistics panel and then take a screenshot.

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Your SKP file on Google-Drive IS empty.
There are no entities in the model.
The Components Browser contains 51 unused definitions, the Materials Browser dozens of unused materials.
All Layers ON, Hidden Geometry ON etc, zoom-extents, select-all - nothing there.
If you run Model Info Statistics > Fix Problems there is an unfixable problem with your model’s North direction ???
If you Purge it, then your model is is only 27kb ! [aka ‘Empty’]
So that SKP is useless to you or your professor.
I suggest you do this…
Make a copy of the good SKP.
Run the Fix on that - if it can’t fix it try redoing ‘North’.
Then Purge it so any unused Components, Materials and Layers go.
I suspect it’ll get a LOT smaller.
It was bad-manners to upload such a large un-purged file anyway…
Then upload the new slimline SKP to Google-Drive.
Remove the old version as it’s just an embarrassment.
Now beg your Prof to accept the newer version.
If he does not then you are no worse off !
If he does you are saved.
At least he has a chance to see the real file even if he decides he won’t take it.
That’s a bit illogical as he would have taken the empty SKP had you managed to fix it…
The newer slimline non-empty version is actually just reverting back a step further ?

Good look.

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your Google Drive ‘copy’ of the model has no geometry…
it has been ‘Purged’, the Materials and Components account for the file size…
it looks like you are using ‘Layers’ wrong. i.e. your active Layer is set on 3d_Exterior…

How large is the ‘original’ skp on your computer?
Have you modified it ‘since’ you uploaded the ‘copy’ to GoogleDrive?