Empty file sketchup model

Would these be some of your components?

There are plenty more buried in the file.


The model space is empty.

I saved the 51 component definitions in the file to a local collection.
Then I brought them all into a new file using @TIG’s Import ALL from Folder plugin.
The 51 components are just little bits an pieces, doors, plants and whatnot.

There is no house as shown below in the model AR5-mbcde-SKP3D-rayco.skp thumbnail…

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@Geo Thank you very much. I lose hope and I think that the file really is empty and I cannot fix it. However, I just want to ask what might be the problem is that this happened and that my model disappeared. And why does the thumbnail of the house still show?

I really appreciate your help.

Yes, that is included in my components.

Unfortunately, whatever deleted your model contents did not leave a “smoking gun” to prove how it happened.

The thumbnail is an image that is generated when you save your file. It is not tied back to the model contents afterward.

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The SKP might well have left you in good condition - hence the house in the thumbnail.
The thumbnail is made as the SKP file is saved,
But when it was processed to be stored on Google-Drive it might have been corrupted somehow…

As I said before at least the thumbnail shows the previous contents, so your Prof would be very hard-hearted to reject the working [purged/fixed] version you offer him shortly afterwards…

Good luck…

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@john_drivenupthewall The orginal skp is the same as the one I uploaded in the drive. I already checked the original in my computer, and I never modified it.

@TIG THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUGGESTIONS. I guess that I have to accept that the file is empty and I could not fix it. I just hope that my professor reconsider and see the file because I really worked hard to finish it.

Maybe when I uploaded it to Drive, it corrupted it somehow

@slbaumgartner Thank you, at least I have the image to prove that my file was okay when I saved it.

Here is your extracted thumbnail from the GoogleDrive copy…

so does it show the building?

@john_drivenupthewall No, it doesn’t show and I guess it never will because the file was corrupted, or at least that’s what we think had happened.

do you have an Autosave or Backup version of the file?


The file you shared with us on Google Drive is indeed empty.
That is, except for the 51 miscellaneous component definitions in the file.
Like @slbaumgartner says, there’s no real evidence that points to how this happened.

Have you done a thorough search of your files?
Look for the backup file … same file name with an SKB extension.

I’m sure you got around this but I had the same problem yesterday which was resolved when I clicked on the Zoom Extents button - everything re-appeared