Sketchup File blank

i have been working on this file, cant see anything now for some reason. Any help will be appreciated.
tried copy paste to another file
tried select all
tried unhide all
tried zoom extents
still nothing.
Any help will be appreciated.


It appears there is nothing in the model space. It’s all been deleted. Note that Outliner is blank and Statistics show no geometry within the model.
Screenshot - 4_26_2023 , 8_27_30 AM

There are a bunch of In Model components that you can drag into the model. Hopefully that’s all of your model. Any loose geometry and groups will be gone.

Did you look for the .skb backup file? Did you try renaming it to .skp and open it? Does it show any of your model?

thanks for the quick response.
i did try renaming the backup file, i get an error “unexpected file format”.
I just dont understand why the file size is 89mb but blank when opened.

The 89 Mb comes from the components and materials that are in the file. The components can be dragged in from the In Model components panel. This shows just some of the components in the file.

ok. understood.
back to square one i guess.
thanks for the help.

Good luck.

By the way, when I opened your file it said it was done in SketchUp 2019 but your profile indicates SketchUp 2021. Which one are you really using?

Out of curiosity, where are you saving your model files? To a local, internal drive or out in the cloud?

i originally did it in 2019, right now im using 2021.
saving to a local drive.

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Hopefully you do not have to completely start over from scratch. As @DaveR mentioned, there are component definitions still in the SKP file (even though there are no instances of any of those components in the model space). Therefore, if some of those component definitions are of use, you can drag a definition from the Components window into the 3D model space to create a new instance of that component. In other words, it should be possible and relatively simple to re-populate your model without re-creating the detailed geometry (edges, faces, materials) of the components themselves.