I saved my sketchup file - when reopened it the screen was blank. The file size still shows 155mb so, assuming the content is there?

i tried to save my sketchup file and when i reopened it the screen went blank. the file size still shows 155mb so, assuming the content is still available why am i not able to see it. the red blue and green axis are also not visible. The measurements on the bottom right corner shows a really large number (as shown in attachment below) when i’ve been working in meters with a model size of 18mx 10m.

Very likely there’s something at a great distance from the rest of the model. If you share the .skp file we can help you figure out the cause and probably fix it. It’ll be too large to upload directly so upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

Here’s the link.

Camera wasset to Parallel Projection and positioned half way accross the solar system. There were 8 tiny edges placed at a long distance from the reset of the model which I deleted. Going forward, do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective and save Parallel Projection for output.

There was also some incorrect tag usage. Edges and faces should be created AND LEFT untagged. You are hoarding a lot of unused stuff in your model as well.
Screenshot - 3_11_2023 , 6_46_01 AM
Getting rid of this stuff reduced file size by 58%. There are still components in the model that could stand to be simplified. I would suggest you do that and keep your model cleaned up to prevent issues in the future.

Here’s the cleaned up file. I set the Face Style to Monochrome and turned off Profiles in the style to make the model easier to orbit and zoom. The textures are still there.

An additional note: You have a lof of exposed back faces in your model. If you plan to use a rendering application they could cause you problems. For the following screen shots I made the back faces purple.

Also, you’ve not used groups for the walls, floor , or roof of your building. It’s all loose geometry. You should be making use of groups and components for the content you model.

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yeah. I’m actually still a student so I probably am not great at it. actually, I’m still not able to access the file it opens blank on my laptop. while my other files are still opening well.

Also, what do exposed back faces mean? I’m very new to SketchUp.

Sorry. I should have deleted the scene you made because it was still screwed up. Try this file.

Faces in SketchUp have fronts and backs. In a 3D object ALL back faces should face the inside of the object. Only front faces should be visible.

You should spend some time going through the instructional content at learn.sketchup.com