SketchUp model blank but all data still there

Hi there,
I see that this topic came up already a few times.
My SketchUp model looks empty even though all info and data is still there.

I can even copy/paste within the ‘Outliner’ but nothing shows on screen.
I really really hope this can be troubleshooted. I put a lot of love in this model.

Share the .skp file. We might be able to help you sort it out.

Hi Dave,
unfortunately the file is bigger than 16MB
I can send you a link to my one drive but I need an email address for this
would that work for you?

You can share the link in the forum here. Or, if you don’t want the entire world to have the file, send the link in a private message to me. Click on my name and then “Message”.

The camera was located on the other side of the solar system. Not sure what you did to make that happen but I fixed it. I also fixed incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged.
Screenshot - 11_27_2021 , 9_51_58 AM

And I purged unused stuff from the model. This reduced the file size by over 26%.
Screenshot - 11_27_2021 , 9_52_14 AM

I’ll send you a PM with a link to the file.

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