Help, my sketchup model is blank

Help, my sketch up model suddenly blank and I can’t even see the orbits, I try to restart the laptop but still blank.
What should I do to restore it? Please, I really need it for tommorow

Share the .skp file here so we can see what you have and help you sort it.

Trying to revised all (with calculation).skp (435.8 KB)

Try this.
Trying to revised all (with calculation).skp (456.8 KB)

It would be a good idea to learn about using groups and components.

Okay, I will try it. Thankyou !

It works, thankyou! Anyway, why my sketch up crash like that? is it because I use too many components?

The only component in your model is the scale figure, Laura.

Your file didn’t crash. It was a camera position issue.

Ooo I see… I’m a beginner anyway so I don’t really get how to use this application.
Once again, thankyou so much

Might be a good idea to spend some time going through the Fundamentals at before you get in too deep.

Yes I will learn more about it, thankyou for the link !