Lost model

Hi I am using SketchUp free (web based format) on a PC laptop. I was in the middle of drawing (nothing unusual, just extruding a shape) and everything went white and the whole model dissapeared. Everything! All that is left is some text. I’ve tried opening/closing file and selecting and unselecting all the boxes I can possibly click on. After some research I found this on the forum: Everything disappeared in my file
which seems to be a similar problem. Hopefully by following the instructions to copy and everything in the file and paste to a new one I can recover some work but as its sketchup free it works differently to normal sketchup and I am only learning I can’t seem to do it. As it’s just blank I cant see what I’m copying, is there a way to copy everything in the model and paste to a new file? If I do Ctrl C and Ctrl V that does not work. I really hope someone can help, I have just lost 4 days work :(. Sam

If you upload your SketchUp file here, we might be able to recover something from your file.

McGordon, thanks for your swift reply. My amazing friend has actually managed to fix it :slight_smile: Phew!

Could you say what they did to fix things?

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