Issue: Entire Model missing and Missing Axis

HI I’m having issues with my entire sketchup model. The model suddenly disappeared and I tried the zoom extent option but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, I don’t have any backup for the file. PLEASE URGENTLY HELP ME OUT. I really need this for my acad deadline. :((

Can you upload your model in the forum?

Someone may find the problem.


There is a group in your model that has two nested components placed an effectively infinite distance from the origin (along with 113 others that look ok). I erased those two but left the rest because I don’t know how important they may be to your model. After doing that, zoom extents works properly so I don’t think there is anything else gone to the edge of the universe.

The model also contains almost 12000 unused components and a lot of unused materials. I did a purge to get rid of them.

mp200.skp (3.1 MB)

Edit: in case it matters, this is the group that had the offending nested components

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Note the file size difference between the one you shared and the file @slbaumgartner fixed. Purging the unused stuff from your model reduced the file size by nearly 92%. Make it a practice to keep your model files lean and clean and you’ll find them easier to work with.

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Thanks mate this helped me a lot!! :))