Missing 3d Model

Hello Sketchup Community, I’ve been using sketchup for quite sometimes although I’m no totally expert about it and today unfortunate happen while I’m doing 3d modelling where my created 3d models have gone disappear after I paste a created separate model from my different file. I tried to do the zoom extenst but all I see where lines everywhere but in outliner the groups and components from the 3d models are still listed. I’m humbly asking for help to recover my works on this file, Thank you in advance everyone. Attached here is the screenshot of my sketchup and link of the skp file that has missing models.

This is the fifth time you have posted this, even double posting is against forum rules.
Repeat posting just creates confusion and is annoying.
You simply have to wait for someone to look at it.

Apologies for posting too much, I’m just new here in the forum and I didn’t know yet the rules/policies in the forum. But thanks for the information! Will do delete some previous post.

You have the model located at a great distance from the origin, and this creates a lot of problems and sometimes in conjunction with other modeling mistakes it generates various errors (such as the one you ran into).


  • learn to Purge;

  • learn to group each element separately, don’t leave loose geometry;

  • do not import components from 3D Warehouse directly into the model you are working on.

To start solving the problem:

  • convert the four groups (with their subgroups) into components and save them separately. Then delete them from the model and Purge;

  • Zoom Extents (Shift + Z) and you will see the model;

  • Import back the 4 groups that you checked, scaled and cleaned before. If you resize a component (from the outside), make sure you apply the new scale (Scale Definition);

  • reposition it to the origin.


Hello @mihai.s, Thank you very much for the tips and this is much a big help on how to resolve my problem of my 3d model. I greatly appreciate your effort! In my case, are the components imported from 3d warehouse the main culprit on why the 3d model gone missing?