Need Help to fix my SKP file!

Hello all,
I just started learning Sketchup Pro. I was working on an office interior design, putting the furniture and all the sudden the model started disappearing. I was not able to zoom the model. Moreover, I am no longer able to edit the model. It might be an easy fix, but I am not that expert to do that. I would much appreciate if someone could help me to fix the model.
Here is the Google Drive link to the file since its a huge file.

Looks like you had some stray guide points very far from your model origin causing it to ‘disappear’ when zoom extents. Also, try adding a scene to your model so you can always get back to that scene just to be safe.

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Hi Eric,
Thank you for helping with the model. I was able to open the model you uploaded. However, it looks like I lost almost all my furniture and there is some wall added into door openings. I turned off the furniture layer and you might have purged the file. Could you please share the learning links if available.

Here is the photo with some furniture I took a couple of hours ago.

I’ll take a look and see what happened there. I did purge unused since the original file was 103 mb. I also noticed some items locked so it’s possible something didn’t copy over to the new file because of that.

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this is just zoomed in to a scene with all layers on. Everything is there.

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How did you guys fix this? I see mention of “copy”. I cannot copy but the smallest part of this file and SketchUp chokes. I tried “delete guides” but nothing there. I see the version WR used is 2018. Maybe that’s my problem I took the 2019 bait.

Thank you for helping. What caused the issue? Did I do something wrong?

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@pbacot - I copied everything and pasted into new drawing. Something in that original drawing was messed up, but because it wouldn’t let me pan or zoom or even right click, I couldn’t tell you what went wrong.

@Monirfaizi - I can tell you what is wrong with your model now that it’s been copied into a new clean drawing. Firstly, 103 mb for a single floor plan is a veerrry big file. It’s due to the furnishings you’ve chosen. Most seem to be high poly components for rendering. Did you find them from 3D warehouse? Just the desk I’ve selected here is over 80,000 polygons and that’s just one component. The whole model is at 2.8 mil which is very high and tends to start to cause lagging. There are also a lot of layers. And I’m sure that not everything is drawn on the proper layer. And there is loose geometry that should be grouped like the walls, windows, etc. So yeah, a lot that can be improved here. Good luck!


The issue is a rogue Text entity located very far from the model Origin. It’s a bug form several years ago[1]. There are several other discussions posted about the same issue if you search the forum.

[1] SketchUp zoom extents issue with text
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I dont know if it’s 2018 vs 2019.
I use a space mouse so it was a bit easier to lean on it and move back in to the origin point where the model is. Mousing such a distance, while possible, would wear out the mouse or your finger !!

Once I can see the extent of the model I tried applying the following procedure:
Turn on all layers, unlock anything locked then “select all” (ctrl+A so everything in the file is selected)
Then you can shift+marquee select the visible model parts you want, this then should leave any stray parts of the model still selected so then you can hit delete to get rid of them.

In this case this didn’t work?? maybe there is something deeply nested or there is a leader text issue I believe.

If the copying is too much of a toll, another option is to select the model (ctrl+A) or marquee select it all and make a component of it. Once its a component you can context click it and “save as” This will save the whole model as a component (essentially a skp file) which can then be reopened in a new file and subsequently exploded out of its component state.

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I tried reducing the problem a bit. This model only has one square in it, but it still has the strange orbiting issue. There is a corrupt something or other in the upper left corner, but it doesn’t show up in model info. I think that it’s text, and looks corrupt for me because I’m using macOS 10.15. SketchUp text in general looks bad in 10.15, I’ll report that.

Here is what I see, and the model…

oddsquare.skp (74.3 KB)

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Does it look like a satellite view perhaps of where the building is located, that could send things off a bit?

This is an example of what can go wrong when using parallel projection because the zoom is determined by a scale factor not by the distance from the camera to the model. The camera in this model is a very large distance away, but in parallel projection zooming won’t fix that it just tweaks the scale. With the camera so far away, any attempt at orbit goes crazy.

To repair it, change to perspective and then do a zoom extents. Because zoom moves the camera in perspective, that will bring it back to a sensible condition.

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Did you find a way to set the original file so that perspective showed anything?

Perspective is how I usually work, but you would think that orbit should cope with extreme camera positions and parallel projection. I might mention that to someone.

I never found a way to fix the original file simply by changing to perspective etc. White Rabbit has the method.

I only addressed the specific trouble file @colin showed, since others had already shared fixups for the original. In general, this kind of problem arises when

a) some model contents are extremely far from the main part of the model. The culprit I have seen most frequently is the “singular text bug”, in which a leader text flies off to infinity when the user erases the face the text is anchored to. SU 2019 has an imperfect fix for this bug (the text still gets mis-located but at least stays close to the original location).
b) the user has tried to zoom or orbit after a) has occurred, which causes the camera to also go singular.

To address issue a) one must remove the offending item(s) from the model. Copy and paste only the valid contents to a new blank model is one way to do this. The only tricky part is selecting just the valid contents for the copy. Find and erase the offenders is another way, though more technical because often due to problem b) you can’t zoom or orbit to see them.

To address issue b) you must somehow reset the camera to a sane position. Often the copy and paste technique will accomplish this because the new blank model’s camera is healthy.

Somebody shared an a Ruby script that addresses both of these issues in one go (I can’t remember who but it’s probably among the references @jim_foltz cited earlier).

Edit: It seems to me that even if the original cause is not known, SketchUp should trap and prevent any model contents or the camera from moving off to infinity, as that is clearly not valid data. It should also warn whenever model content is far enough away from the model origin that it exceeds SketchUp’s design intent and is likely to cause problems. Some importers do this already, but it should also apply to manually created geometry.


That’s the impression I got while working with the model.
I ran @eneroth3’s ruby snippet, saved, closed, reopened and zoom extents works as expected.


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Here’s a fuller version of @eneroth3 's code.
It checks for rogue Text in both the model’s entities and all definitions.
It also switches any problem-text’s layer and visibility ‘on’, then moves the Text to the ORIGIN [0,0,0].
It also tries to force the model to zoom-extents after the text is relocated…
Finally it selects the problem-text [in the Model] and allows the user to press Delete to erase it if desired.

model = Sketchup.active_model
model.start_operation("TextCheck", false)
ss = model.selection
txts = []
ctr = 0
puts "\nChecking Text in Model...\n\n"
  if t.point.to_a.any?(&:nan?)
    puts "#{ctr}: \"#{t.text}\" on Layer \"#{}\" @ #{t.point.to_a} - relocated at [0, 0, 0]"
    t.layer.visible = true
    t.hidden = false
    txts << t
dtxs = []
ctr = 0
puts "\nChecking Text inside Definitions...\n\n"
    if t.point.to_a.any?(&:nan?)
      puts "#{ctr}: Defn \"\" : Text = \"#{t.text}\" on Layer \"#{}\" @ #{t.point.to_a} - relocated at [0, 0, 0]"
      t.layer.visible = true
      t.hidden = false
      dtxs << t
view = model.active_view
if txts[0]
  bb =
  puts "\nTrying to force Model 'Zoom Extents' - please wait, it might take several seconds..."
  puts "\nThe relocated Model Text will now be Selected - after it completes press Delete if desired..."
  puts "\nAny problem Text relocated inside Definitions must be manually edited..." if dtxs[0]
  puts "\nDone."
elsif dtxs[0]
  puts "\nAny problem Text relocated inside Definitions must be manually edited..."
  puts "\nDone."
  puts "\nNo Text problems found..."

Running Tig’s script this is what shows as the culprit:

1: “Motherboard” on Layer “DTR_0.2mm-WINDOW” @ [NaN, NaN, NaN] - relocated at [0, 0, 0]

That fixed version is now in the DB link I sent.