Model randomly bugged out



This might sound like a common issue, but my issue isn’t resolved when I look at everyone else’s topics. After deleting a line in a group, the screen went white, and when I found the model it was stuck in x-ray facestyle even though it is turned off. When I orbit, the model flies around really fast. When I pan, it glitches to different sections of the screen. When I try to use any tools it’s like my mouse and clicks don’t work, and I can’t select anything or right-click on anything. I tried using the Outliner to find a solution but that didn’t work either…

I tried uploading the file but it is too big, and I can’t make it smaller.

Can someone please help me? Thanks!


Upload it to Drop Box and share the link so we can see it and help you.


This text was one of the problems:

Found problem text: “266654297 mm²”
Point: ( -nanmm, -nanmm, -nanmm)
Vector: (nan, nan, nan)

This is caused by a known but unfixed bug in SketchUp.

There was still a text object a huge distance from the origin: “Outdoor area spills towards water and terraces”. I deleted that one.

Try this:


Here it is with the wayward text removed and the whole model Purged, which brings it down considerably in size.
VCBox.skp (1.8 MB)


Where’s the dropbox?


I suspect that Dave was suggesting that you upload the large file to your own DropBox (a commercial outfit not affiliated with SketchUp) account, then post a link to the file.


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