SketchUp Pro Technical Problem


I am using SketchUp Pro for a model. Every time I’m using the Orbit tool to the left view of my model, the view disappear, so I can’t get a full view of some of my walls. It only happens in one direction but very limiting. I need an immediate help to finish my project.


Let’s see the SKP file. Upload it here or, if it’s too big, upload to the 3D Warehouse or to DropBox and provide the link.I expect we can help you more quickly if we can see the file ourselves. Otherwise we’ll just be guessing.


Thank you, here is the link, please let me know if there are any problems accessing it.


How about uploading the normal file instead of the backup file. It’ll be the one without the ~ in the name and is likely the most current version.


This is actually my most current version of the model, I have another backup version.


Alright. I’m downloading it. It’s huge!

Where’s the original of the file?


I have it but it is the first floor plan, I add a lot on this last version I uploaded. Would you like me to upload the first one as well?


Don’t bother, I’m still waiting for the first one to download. You really ought to save more frequently. And purge unused stuff once in awhile, too.

#9 Just in case you need it.
And because of that problem I actually saved after any little thing I did just because I lost the changes before.


I expected to find that your model or part of it was located at a great distance from the origin or that there’s a distant text entity. I didn’t find anything and ultimately found that I could prevent the disappearing act after copying the model to a new file.

I purged the unused stuff from your file which reduced it greatly. Just the purge action reduced the file size by almost 60%.

You ought to clean up the model. Fix reversed faces and utilize components/groups more.

Perhaps you can try copying it to a new file and see if it fixes it for you. Purge the unused stuff first.


In your second file I noticed some small geometry a large distance away from the house. It might be causing your problems. I’ll continue to look and see what else I find.

You are also not using SketchUp’s layers safely. I found 62446 Edges and Faces associated with layers different from Layer0.

There is a construction line located about 95000 feet from the origin!


Thank you for trying to help.
I purged it and tried to copy and paste to a new file but it didn’t work. What is the best way to do it?

And I was looking for those far pieces at my current file, couldn’t find it either…


Those eight little things I showed are Guide Points, located in a Component that has its other end inside the main part of the house. I’d suggest doing Edit->Delete Guides to get rid of both those and the remote construction line. Then redraw any guides you actually need. And either manually reassociate all the edges and faces to layer0 or get an extension that will do it for you, such as TIG’s Layer Watcher.


It took several minutes for my computer to write the selection to the clipboard and then a minute or so to paste it with Edit>Paste in place. Maybe copy it (Command+C) and go do something else for a little bit.


Thank you.
And the copy & posed made it got stack so I had to forced quit a few times until I got it.


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