I can't see my model, can't use any of the tools. I know the model exists from statitics, but I cant do anything to get it back

Hello, I’ve been working on a new project for a while now, and upon downloading a door from 3D warehouse something occured, and the model and everything included disapeared. I am unable to use any of the tools properly or anything of the sort. I know the model exists because the model info statistics show that there are still the edges and that type of thing.

I would greatly appreciate help in the matter, I can also add a copy of the bugged file if needed.
Thank you

I’m sure your file isn’t “bugged” but if you share it I’ll see if I can fix it for you.

The file is bigger than 16mb, how would I go about sharing it with you?

Upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.


I’ve downloaded dropbox, I hope ive shared the file correctly.
thank you for the patience

OK. I’m working on it.

Well, you managed to get the camera positioned at a huge distance from the model. I fixed itso now the model can be seen. There’s a lot of stuff scattered about. By the name of it, the selected object in this screen shot is supposed to be a dinner table. I’m guessing the bits of it placed out in space could be deleted.

While I was at it I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_16_2023 , 10_02_16 AM
All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.

I also purged unused stuff from the model. There’s no point in hoarding all these components and materials.
Screenshot - 6_16_2023 , 10_02_56 AM

Speaking of materials, there are a number of excessively large texture files in your model. I reduced some of the larger ones. There are also some I expect you can do without. Like book cover and page images.

After that cleanup the file size is down by a little more than 61%. Here’s the link to the fixed model. Before you add any more to it take some time to go through and clean up what’s already there.

thank you so so much i very much appriciate it! this is my project for first year and i was so stressed/ you saved me!

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If you lose your model again you can type SHIFT Z. (ZOOM EXTENTS) and everything in your drawing will be displayed. It’s always best to keep your model close to the Origin. (Where the 3
Axes converge). If your model is not near the origin you can just move the whole thing to an appropriate location to fix the issue.

Might be displayed. When the camera is balled up badly as sometimes happens, Zoom Extents will not fix it. And if there’s a small entity located at a huge distance from the rest of the model, Zoom Extents will appear to leave an empty model space.

Agreed. How did you find his model?

I fixed the camera settings first.

What do you mean by “fixed camera settings”? What where, how?

If you press Z+hold shift and move the mouse or press Z and type a value for the visual field you’ll notice how the perspective changes, the lowest value will make it look like parallel projection and the highest value will distort the perspective like a flat 360 degrees image, by default the visual field is set to 35 degrees, for interior rendering I like to use higher values but not more than 50 degrees depending on the scene. If you press Shift+Z you’ll see the entire model centered but the position of the camera depends on how it was positioned before pressing the shortcut. By default sketchup has locked the horizon when you orbit and move on your model but if you press Ctrl and then orbit you’ll notice that this restriction will de disabled so you’ll be able to rotate the camera on any direction, if you release Ctrl everything will go back to normal.

In the Camera settings.

Where do I find that setting for Camera. Never seen that before…I have 2020, is this in a newer SketchUp than 2020?

Open the ruby console ([menu]Window->Ruby Console)
Type: ‘Sketchup.send_action(10624)’ and hit Enter

The advanced camera tools gives you more control over a camera, the settings window isn’t like the one of the image that Dave shared, it’s more simple but lets you set your camera up, it also has a lot of cameras that you can choose or you can also create a custom camera, if you’re still using sketchup 2018, that tools is already installed by default with the program, on newer versions you must download and install the plugin from the extension warehouse, it’s a tool that not many people use and was removed from the native sketchup tools, it’s free by the way.