Glitch image?

Hello, I’m new to sketchup, I’m trying to finish my assignment but I think i hit some button?;; do you guys know how to revert it back to normal?
Thanks m(_ _)m

Looks like clipping. Try changing view to Parallel Projection and see if it goes away.

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I’ll try~ i’ll post and update ヽ(´▽`)/ thank you~

Clipping plane errors are common in SketchUp. Once you understand their cause, they shouldn’t be a problem. Here’re some things you can do to avoid them.


We should have that vid on speed dial on this forum!


Have you got one that tells people how to use layers and scenes too? A few like that and the sages could be out of business!

I guess this is still valid:

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I try parallel projection, and it still like that;;
I moved the object and change it to 35degree just like the video says, but it not work… im not quite understand the select all-delete trick… but ill try later~ i could do vray just fine, is just hard to adjust the camera. Thanks for helping me;v;

Can you post the Sketchup file here (7th icon from left in response box)? If bigger than 3MB, upload to Dropbox or similar and give a link.

ah im sorry i didnt check this;;
i accidentally delete all the camera, and it fixed~! lol thanks simon for keep helping me ;v;)/