Sketchup viewing issue. Video included. Weird section cut issue that won't go away

After working in a Sketchup file for some time, it will sometimes start to have issues with viewing. Object will look as if it has a section cut, but the cut will follow the cameras angle and pan.

Here is a link to the video. Is there a fix for this? I have been having to copy the object over to a new file and this model has too many layers and scenes for that to be a viable option. Help?

I fixed the issue by leaving the current scene and coming back to the scene I was in. This continues to happen. Is this a known issue?

That is the often encountered OpenGL clipping plane in action. Sometimes this happens when the model’s origin is too far from the contents. Technically, anything that causes the camera’s image plane to intersect the model will result in this sort of clipping. Zoom extents will often fix it (as well as reveal geometry that is far away). There are doubtless other fixes that I can’t recall but I’m sure others will chime in and provide them.

Clipping & Missing Faces — SketchUp Help

Ah thank you so much! I managed to fix it by playing with the scenes. I’ll keep this bookmarked.

Hi - NEWBIE so be gentle.
I tried all of the suggested methods for fixing this from the video link above (Clipping & Missing Faces) but I still get these clippings when zooming.

But here’s the thing: I only get it when I have marked either one of two groups.
My project is a complex rebuilding of an old house, so to be able to try different solutions I have divided the Old roof, the Old building, the New roof and the New building into different groups (and different layers, to be able to see into the building without the roof for example). And only when I have either Old building or Old roof marked for changes does these clippings occur. When I mark New house or New building everything works fine, no clippings when i zoom.

Any ideas? Have I missed any other discussions on this topic? (It’s an old topic)

That link was very helpful! It turns out my issue was a rouge guideline that was accidentally set very far off in the distance that was causing the clipping and quick zooming.