Why does sketchup clip my objects

Why does sketchup clip the view of the objects.
It just randomly cuts randomly into the objects like a section but there are no sections.
Why would they let that happen?
Very inconvenient.

This is known as clipping. A search of the forum for the term “clipping” will produce many results an causes. Some of which are caused by the user and some due to hardware. Modeling in parallel projection is a common cause.

Can you share an example .skp file that shows it?

Common reasons for clipping include the model or at least part of it located at an extreme distance from the origin and working in Parallel Projection and getting the camera too close to the model.

yes it is in parallel projection which i would hope would be the most accurate and stable view.
The thing is sometimes. it will just go away if i restart or change the projection and back which is a terrible solution. Is the no definitive reason for that?

The best way to work in SketchUp is to use Perspective, not Parallel Projection. The clipping problem is much more likely in Parallel Projection because you can get the camera in too close without being able to see that you’ve done that. It’s also possible to get the camera set at an extreme distance which also causes problems that you won’t see in Perspective. Parallel Projection should generally be reserved for creating output, not for modeling.

Hmm, insert sad face / thumbs down.

It’s your choice. You can continue to use SketchUp the way you have been and cause the clipping with the way you are positioning the camera or use it the way it was intended in Perspective and have a much easier time of it.

I can adapt.
Just frustration to see problematic tools this late in the game and such a fundamental thing too.
If it does not work 100% of the time take it out.

I was also recently, as a different problem, having to come up with eclectic or extra lines to snap to because the program would not find the snap i was looking for. It was an oddly angled object.
Is that also a quirk in the parallel projection?

Thanks Dave, good to see you again.

This has been around since at least version 3 so it’s not a new thing.

I wonder what that was about.

Good to see you here again, too. It seems like a long time.

Are you still using SU2019?

No I just signed a few clients and have a new subscription.

If I can reliable recreate the non-snapping i will send it and instructions on how to create it.

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Or you could send the .skp file.

Madrona-1.skp (3.5 MB)

was working on the odd tapering and off axis walls.
wanted to move the reference line for the for angled front wall from the reference group to the footprint.
It would not snap to angled roof.


I’m not following exactly what you are wanting to do but I wonder if at least part of the problem is incorrect tag/layer usage. You should be keeping Untagged as active at all times (this is the same rule as with layers in older versions) and all edges and faces should remain untagged. One objects (components and groups) should get tagged.

When I opened your model the tag called “!-Ground-plane” is active and the end face that I show selected is tagged with that tag. It should be Untagged. That face is not included in the group for the rest of that volume behind it.

That volume is tagged which is fine but then the edges and faces inside it are not untagged as they should be. They have different tags which is why the Tag field is blank when all the connected edges and faces are selected.

Correcting the incorrect tag/layer usage results in this.
Screenshot - 10_1_2020 , 9_47_32 AM

I think a lot of your problems are stemming from this.

What does untagged mean? Where did that come from?
Not using it because I never saw it before.
Why would layers (tags whatever) effect snapping?

Layers were changed to Tags in SketchUp 2020. This was done partially because they’ve never behaved as layers to provide separation as in other programs. Not sure what you mean about never having seen it before because at some point you had to do something to make “!-Ground-plane” active (pencil icon along the right side)

One way that this incorrect tag usage could affect snapping is if an edge or edges have been given a tag that is not visible, inferencing won’t snap to it/them.

So untagged is layer 0 now?

I keep the CAD layer names until the group or component is done and then flatten to layer 0 - untagged now i guess.

The points i wanted to snap too where either in the same group and active or not in the group but shown.

“Other programs” in this context mean “Photoshop”. Other applications aren’t “sticky” in the first place.

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