Model Lost in Zoom Extent

I was working on my model and clicked something, which sent the model in Zoom Extent. I have been unable to Zoom out. Never had a problem before. I decided to close the file and then restart it, but I may have made a mistake when I saved changes before closing. Can anyone help to resolve this issue. Thanks, Glenn

Can you upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?

Do you have any groups or components in the model? One option would be to select one of them in Outliner, right click and choose Zoom Selection. You still need to sort out why Zoom Extents makes the model appear to disappear. Commonly that occurs when a label or text element is positioned at a great distance from the origin but there are other possibilities as well.

Probably an invalid (NAN) coordinate of a 2D text as a result of it being attached to a face being modified. Happens sometimes. I made a small snippet to purge these but I can’t remember where I put it. Should be somewhere on the forum.

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Your code, madam. :grin:


Thanks! New I had left it somewhere!

Dave thanks for the reply. Attached is the Rosemont model in zoom extent

No attachment! Please try again.

As @slbaumgartner indicated, the file didn’t get attached, If it’s larger than 3 Mb, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Dave sorry for the delay. I am sending a link to the model in Dropbox.
Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks, Glenn

You need to share the folder so it can be accessed.

Dave, have you receive my dropbox share sketchup file? Glenn

As I wrote 3 hours ago, you need to share the folder so it is accessible. DropBox says the file doesn’t exist at that link.

Dave have you received my dropbox sketchup file 1232 Rosemont ?

Dave, I am not sure I am getting through. Glenn

Barry Blakesley/Glenn Smith

For the third time, you need to share the DropBox folder to make it accessible. The link you provided doesn’t work.

It seems like I’m not getting through to you.

Sorry Dave I am sure you are getting annoyed. I sent a link only the first time. I have tried to Share my file using your email address, which comes up 3 way. Dave , and - If none of these are correct, please send the right one.
You should get a request to view the file. No preview avail, but you can download the file.

Just make the folder public and share the link here.

Here is the link to the folder.

Your model has a couple of text objects that have suffered the bug that sends them off to infinity. It’s fixable but too big for me to send back the result just now.

I’ve fixed the file and I’m uploading it back to DropBox.