Help with Sketchup Model - Disappeared and Can't Draw Lines!

I was building furniture/components in a Sketchup Model, and suddenly everything disappeared. I tried zoom extents and nothing happened. I also cannot create a new lines or use any tools. Can anyone help?! Thank you in advance!!

Share the .skp file. I expect we can help you get it sorted out.

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Thank you! I am so grateful for your help!!!

Fixed. Somehow you managed to get the camera into a weird position and you had the focal length set to 10mm. That’s one I wouldn’t have guessed, at least right away, so seeing the file was a big help. It looked like this when I recovered the view.

I also took the liberty of fixing incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_19_2023 , 11_44_08 AM

And I purged unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 6_19_2023 , 11_44_24 AM
Here’s the file. Note: I set the face style to Monochrome just to make it perform a little better. The materials are still there.
Furniture fixed.skp (9.8 MB)
BTW, the lamp and the green glass oval thing will want their face orientations corrected.
Screenshot - 6_19_2023 , 11_47_11 AM

Gaaa!!! Thank you SO much! Could have been one of my toddlers messing with my computer, lol. I cannot thank you enough for your help!!!

You’re quite welcome. Toddlers can be so much fun. :wink: FWIW, the focal length/FOV thing can also be adjusted if you are selecting the Zoom Tool and holding Shift while you use it. It won’t change if you use the scroll wheel on the house, though.

Thank you for the extra tip! Thank you again!!!

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