Disappearing Model - HELP!

Hi All,

I have been building a fairly complex garden for a client, added a model from the 3D Warehouse and now the entire model has disappeared! I clecked back to remove the item I added from the 3D Warehouse however that did not fix it and the model crashed. I have re-opened it and still no model.

I have tried the other advice online for finding a lost model to no avail. The file is 16MB so I cannot put it on here. If I can have an email address I can WeTransfer it if would someone be able to go in an have a look and potentially fix it if possible??

It’s heartbreaking to lose this as it is hours of work and the client is expecting their garden design soon.

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Upload your file to Drop Box and share the link. Let us see what you are working with and help you get it sorted.

Please find the link top the file above! Thank you so much.

I’m working on it now.

While Dave is working on it, open the Outliner, click on something, Corner Summer house for example, right click and select Zoom Selection.
Then go from there.

It appears there was sme entities at a long distance from the rest of the model. I was able to reset the camera to show the model. It took much longer than it normally does when other users have had the same issue. Then I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_27_2023 , 7_40_04 AM
Purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 5_27_2023 , 7_42_52 AM
I’m still working on it, though. There’s something I haven’t found yet that is causing a lot of problems with your model. You mentioned getting components from the 3D Warehouse. It’s not a good idea to download content from the Warehouse directly into your project file. You should always download it into a separate file so you can check it to see that it is suitable before you add it. If needed, clean it up or possibly reject it and look for another object.

I’ll be back as soon as I have your model fixed so it’s workable.

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(I can picture @Box laughing)

First step then would be to save a scene to be able to instantly return to.

I tried that first. Didn’t work for me. :wink:

There are 175800 singular texts in that model (!!). I don’t know how they were generated, but I would guess either from a wildly defective component from the 3DWarehouse or from an import that wasn’t processed correctly, as I really doubt anyone could work on it long enough to create that many by hand!

I was able to get to the model quite easily but there is obviously something wrong with it, which is why I left it to the maestro.

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It was those text entities that were causing the problem. I’ve removed them and purged the model.
Selway Garden fixed.skp (4.8 MB)
You need to fix the incorrect face orientations.
I set the Face Style to Monochrome so there blue back faces would be evident.

You should also learn to use grouping to keep objects separate. as it is, the part of the model you created is all loose geometry.

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I certainly wasn’t laughing, just giving the OP a place to perhaps start.

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Working in free web version on it (no Outliner:

  • imported the file
  • saved first scene (only axes visible)
  • disabled length snapping
  • looked at components and purged unused
  • selected center and inverted selection → delete that one component far away. (find it somehow later)
  • deleted guides (invisible)
    (still nothing there with a 'Zoom Selection). Outliner would have helped to select only one entity!
  • crazy large modeling space in sight according to the ‘Tape Measure’ tool
    -not sure but it looks like the modeling space/blue axis is upside down. But maybe just looks like that due to other issues.

Way to many tags and no scenes in the original released file.

I see others are much further now

Not out of disrespect!
My understanding is that by now you (we all) come to respect @DaveR when it comes to tackling problems like this.
It’s just that it is so hard to beat @DaveR doing so.
(It was my picture)

Thank you so much! To be honest I am fairly new to using sketchup so still learning.

Many thanks,