3D Warehouse missing models

Hello everyone, I am experiencing issues with the 3D Warehouse. It seems like many models have disappeared from it.
I have the “all categories” and “models” filter enabled, as well as all the other filters to provide the wider variety of models. I have tried restarting SketchUp, opening a new project, signing in and out but nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Hi @matisarki, if you’re looking for product models they are on the Products tab on the search results. We moved them out of the Models tab in the hope that this will make it easier to find products.

Let us know if you’re seeing a different issue. Thanks!

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Thanks for your reply, I think this solved my problem and I am now able to find those missing models.
This new feature seems really helpful for searching in a more specific way, however, it would be more advantageous to search all models and products together if wanted, and to search by products, as an additional filter.

Thanks again for your support!