Lost model for some strange reason a lot of work to be lost

I’m about to punch my screen… why does zoom extents not work. Can anyone tell me how to get back to 0 on the axes.

My model is still 6MB so I know its there

Endpoint message sometimes but I don’t know what that means

Thank you anyone

One common cause of this is a text entity that has lost its connection to the component or other object it was attached to.

Try a Zoom Window round your model if it is just a dot in the distance.

To find and get rid of the stray text, you can try a crossing window select outside your model, left, right, top and bottom. If it finds one or more Text entities (look in Entity Info), Erase it/them.

Or having turned on all layers and any hidden geometry, window select round your model, copy to clipboard, open a New file, and Edit/Paste in place.

See if Zoom Extents now makes sense.

Thank you but I can’t even find the horizon, can’t draw anything, can’t measure anything
Theres a whole day of work in here somewhere :slight_smile:

Try uploading the file to Dropbox, and provide a link. Or see if Zipping it will bring the size down far enough (below 3MB) to upload directly here.

Have you been using components? If so, look in Component Browser to see if you can see any.

try this please

The link says you haven’t granted me permission to open the page.
“The owner hasn’t granted you access to this link.”

Can you try Sharing it differently?
And what about uploading the original file, as well as the AutoSave?

It’s almost 1am here in UK, and I’m heading for bed.

Will look tomorrow, if no one else responds first.

thanks mate
cheers from toronto

for another time… https://www.dropbox.com/s/tye68ww1uidc5x2/brocklayout002.skp?dl=0

should be allowed

Is there more than this in the model?

Or is this all of it?

brocklayout002 shep.skp (227.3 KB)

There was a lot more
The plant was full of brewery vessels and the roof had a patio

I don’t know what happened??


Thanks guys
Can you tell me how to at least get to that view

I’ll just start from there again :frowning:


The model still looks quite large and the components are still in the list but not showing
Theres also a strange object in the distance I can’t measure or get to

To restore the view, I right clicked on the section in outliner and aligned view.
Also, the camera view was set to 1 degree. I changed it to 35.


is there a way to get the content back in

I haven’t checked for the missing vessels yet, but the roof is effectively invisible because you have painted it with a material with low opacity.

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hi caroline
can you tell me what i did/didnt do for future?

Just finished doing it all (90%) again
Thank you all very much


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