Please help! Model disappeared

I was working on a model in SU Pro 2022 in Windows and the last thing I did was to change the Field of View to 60. Then everything disappeared except for an object I had tried to download from the 3D Warehouse but it never appeared in the model. I’ve tried using Zoom Extents and the Tags are still there. The Model Info says that there are 258 Component Instances and 2615 Component Definitions. (5510 Component Instances if I check “Show nested components”). And as if that wasn’t enough, when I close the project and try to reopen it, I get a message saying that the project “is currently locked by another user. Do you want to open this file as Read-Only?” But I’m the only one who has ever used this computer and worked on this project! I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

can you attach the file so we can have a look at it ?

Thanks, but I can’t. It’s 19 MB and I can only send files of up to 16 MB.

use or similar and paste the link !

Aha! Great idea. Here’s the link to Dropbox: Dropbox - Ksv.skp - Simplify your life

i believe you scaled your soccer field component somehow, cause it is now about 2000km long ! and there are two of them.

That is why when you zoom extend, you feel like your model has disappeared. It’s just that it is very tiny compared to this 2000 km long component, you couln’t spot it

select the soccer field and erase it, do it again and zoom extend, you’ll have your model back

You’re right! I deleted that 2000 km soccer field and now everything is fine. Phew! Thank you so much for replying so quickly. That also explains why it didn’t appear to download the soccer field.

(Now, who uploads a 2000 km long soccer field to the 3D Warehouse? Isn’t a 100 km long one big enough? :thinking:)

Always beware downloading components from the warehouse, some have wrong scale, some wrong axis position.

it is always better to load them in a seperate file first, inspect them and make adjustments if necessary and then import

Thanks for the good advice. I’ll certainly do that from now on!

Thanks again for your help.

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