Pressed Zoom Extents and lost my model ? HELP

patio.skp (29.2 KB)

Can somebody help! I am a beginner and was drawing up some doors and then I hit zoom extents to try and centre things and lost the model? I have read through the forums but cannot find out how to fix this?

Typically that happens when you have a disconnected label that is at a great distance from the rest of the model. It’s unfortunate that you haven’t made any groups or components of the geometry because that would make it easier to get back to the model. Hang tight.

I’ve managed to get back to the model, copy it and put it into a new file for you.
Patio.skp (61.3 KB)

It looks like there is a text entity at a vast distance from the model that caused it. The easiest fix is what I did for you.

DaveR Thank you very much indeed for your help with this. I am so grateful to you for not only identifying the problem but also for actually sending it back fixed! Wow all done and fixed in less than an hour. I had spent hours trying to find a fix and reading google too. Once again thank you.

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