Lost model - 50 MB File

I was working on a large complex model and it completely disappeared. The Zoom extents command also disappeared from the large menu - must be related and strange. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I’ve done a lot of models - I’ve checked info and the model is definitely there but I cannot see a thing.

First of all, complete you forum profile.
It helps us to help you…
Second, it helps to share the file, so someone can have a look and find out what’s wrong.
Since it is bigger than 15Mb you cannot share it directly on the forum. Upload it to Dropbox or similar, make it available and share the link here…

Good day, I’ve updated my profile, as requested, here is a link to the file that I cannot find my drawing in, yet I know from model info that it’s there. Thanks for your comments and suggestions on resolving the problem. I have the issue now twice.

I have your file, and I’m trying the usual ways to fix it. So far it’s being difficult! I will keep trying.

It is a stubborn file. Data is certainly all there, the problem may be in the Patio Furniture. Still isolating it…

I had three versions of SketchUp working on the problem. I think one of them just completed it…

Yes, I can see it all as well. Have you isolated the problem? Is it the patio furniture?

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It is the patio furniture. There are circa 170,000 text objects placed somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn.


Yup. I have a working version of all geometry without the patio furniture. Camera behaves properly. I’ll upload it.

I have removed the patio furniture and moved all geometry to the origin.


The offending model is here: 36MB of bloated geometry and model destroying furniture. I left a note.


As you may have guessed, I used v12 of your extension to try to rescue the file. It took a long time, and the report dialog at the end was a lot taller than my monitor.

Thank you one and all for your efforts! I have never run into the tag issue before so I’ll have to understand that more so it does not reoccur. Seems it was created from an import from the 3D warehouse of this furniture.

Yes not really a tag issue, but caused by a 3D warehouse element. The Patio Furniture you downloaded was very poorly made and contained stray elements very far from the origin. This causes the SketchUp camera positioning to go haywire.

There are statistics you can look at in the 3D warehouse before downloading that can help, this model lists at 36mb (ridiculously large with bloated high poly geometry and/or textures) and it lists as over 22,000 inches from the origin. Both of these should be red flags before downloading.


Good day,

I wanted to say thank you so much for your help! It was most appreciated. I’ve not run into this type of problem in 5 years of using Sketchup.

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