Lost model in Sketchup File?

This is the drive link to my file since it is too large to upload directly. My model disappeared and my axis lines, the model info says I have entities and faces etc but I cannot find anything even with zoom extents, I also tried to copy and paste into a new file but no luck. This is a very large model so if anyone can find the model that would be great. Never experienced this before so not sure how to troubleshoot.

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I’m working on it now.

I’ve managed to get your model to show and see something like this.

Try deleting the last group shown in Outliner and see if that brings the model back for you. I haven’t figured out yet what is in that group but it seems to be the problem.

I also purged unused stuff from your model after fixing the incorrect tag usage.

Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 11_19_56 AM

Screenshot - 8_17_2021 , 11_20_39 AM

Thank you for helping me, Would the file be updated in the drive? I opened it again from the drive link I sent but still only get a grey screen with the word “Top” in the upper left.

No. I didn’t upload the fixed file. Try doing what I suggested and delete the last group shown in Outliner and see if that takes care of it. If it doesn’t, I’ll upload the file I fixed.

There is a group that has moved off to infinity. Probably the one @DaveR found. I may be able to salvage it later, but tied up right now.

Yeah. I didn’t have time to deal with it. Deleting it removed the problem.

I see, I have been trying to do so but cannot figure out how unfortunately, I have never had to mess with outliers or deleting groups in a model before, uploading the new file would help me immensely as I am on a time crunch for this project.

Thank you!

It’s Outliner not Outlier. You should find it in the Default tray on the right. You could select the last group in that list and press the Delete key and you’d have it done.

Here’s the link to the file, though.

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I finally had a moment to look at the file. The defect in the offending group is more complicated than usual due to the several layers of nesting inside it. I haven’t yet figured out a better way to correct the problem than to just delete the group. If it helps you to reconstruct the deleted part, I can tell you that the problem stems from multiple instances of something named GRIFFON_group which have been moved off to infinity.

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Good find Steve. I suppose by now the OP has gotten the file I fixed up for her. I wonder how the components got moved out to the edge of the universe.

Gotcha, when I get a chance today I will try and fix the original file myself so that I know how for future models , I appreciate the help, now I can get back to work!

Thank you!

So I can remove the file from my Drop Box now?