Zoomed Extents and Part of my Model Disappeared! Any help appreciated

Can somebody please help? I have been working on a model for a new residence and had several iterations spaced 200’ apart. At some point, I accidentally imported a topographic survey which is probably at a terrible distance away from the rest of my model and I zoomed extents to try and removed it.

Next thing I know, anything on an active tag (specifically the untagged tag) disappeared but my items of tags turned off are still there, and I’m able to see them when I select a preset view.

Is my model lost forever model? How can I find out how to fix this?

3D model: Cornell Residence Exterior Design-2.skp (4.0 MB)

It was a problem with a text

I purged your file and from 22 MB, now it has 4 MB

Thank you so much for finding that! I really appreciate it.

Elements I had in the model are still missing, is it possible SU erased them? The file should have looked like below, which is from a backup (but a day ago, so I’m hoping I don’t have to make up a days worth of work).

You’re welcome!

This is what the file you shared this morning looks like, right after it opens and turns on all the tags. Are you sure that those house models form your picture were also in this model or maybe you deleted them before?

What is the size (in MB) of that older file from which you took the screenshot with the house model?