Lost my Sketch, tried Zoom Extents

Yesterday I used layers for the first time. Don’t know if that had anything to do with the problem, but after I added a dimension the whole sketch disappeared except for a few labels I recently added.

The layers tray shows that all layers should be visible.

When I zoom extents, it looks like something should be in the middle… then when I zoom in nothing is there or it seems like I zoomed ‘past’ the model.

I’m a relatively new SU user, been modeling with it for only a few months. But, lots of hours have gone into this one model. :-/

Any help is much appreciated!

Can you share the skp file here ( or if too large put it on a file sharing site or the 3D warehouse and post the link)? The most likely reason is that some object has strayed far from the main part of the model.

Couldn’t upload here due to the size. I’ll try Google Drive or the like.

If I had an object far afield from the main body of the rest of the model, how would I find it?

Perhaps use the Outliner window to select things?

Don’t know how to use Outliner yet, but I’ll pull up some video tutorials.

Church building ideas-sanctuary with technical problems.skp - Google Drive Assuming this works, the file should be accessible here.

Well, there is a Text that is a huge distance from the main model. Deleting it gets rid of the wild zoom issue. You can accomplish that by selecting all (ctrl-A), then holding shift while you drag a box around the main content at the bottom. This will leave just the errant text (at the top of the view) and some guide lines selected. Delete them and then toggle between parallel and perspective to reset the camera and finally do zoom-extents.

But there are several other issues with the model. The model also has about 1.4M edges and 619K faces, which are choking SketchUp. I suspect most of them come from badly modeled objects you got from the 3D Warehouse, with vastly excessive detail for what you need, as the main model doesn’t seem all that extensive or complex. I have to go to dinner now, but I’ll try later to see which entities are contributing the excessive detail. You also have an enormous number of guidelines, most of which are probably not needed. Use Edit->Delete Guides to get rid of all of them and start over adding only the ones you really need, and tidying up when those are no longer active.

Edit: the worst offender is the grand piano, which has over 500,000 edges and 241,000 faces all by itself! Continuing to hunt…

Edit#2: the pews have almost 33,000 edges and 14,000 faces each. There are 20 of them, for a total of about 650,000 edges and 280,000 faces!

Edit#3: The organ has about 70,000 edges and 24,000 faces.

I’ll stop at this point, as you have no doubt gotten the idea. You have embedded models from the 3DWarehouse that are very heavy. This is a chronic problem with the 3DW - no quality control or indication of level of detail. So, the recommended procedure is to download a component from the 3DW into a blank model and then check its statistics in Model Info to see whether it is over-detailed. Sometimes you can find relatively easy ways to reduce complexity but preserve the needed info for what you are trying to show. Often a texture applied to a simple shape will provide the same visual as a detailed model.


Very helpful… I didn’t know I should be looking at that info.

I’ll try the process in the 1st paragraph to see if I can duplicate your results. Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

I do wonder how I got the text way out ‘in left field’… seems I remember the text boxes I placed were on the face of some object. Must not have been (obviously!).

I’m just glad my work isn’t lost. Thanks immensely!

You should recommend a quality scale for all users of SketchUp to rank or rate a 3D Warehouse object. (Something akin to likes and dislikes on YouTube, but rating the object quality.) I’d suggest a scale of 1-10 since it sounds like–based on what you said–there may be numerous other factors than just # of edges and faces which indicate an object’s quality.

Note that a model may be great for one purpose and rather poor for another. A single “quality” rating may not do justice to that reality. I hope people do not begin to equate a super-detailed model with being of poor quality. I would say not only are there other factors than numbers of edges and faces, that the number of edges and faces has little to do with quality (assuming there is no gratuitous subdivision of planar faces and co-linear edges).


Good point.

Well, I finally got the model in view. I had to repeat the select all, delete procedure a couple times. Then bounce between the perspective and parallel views, in addition to zooming lots. But, it WORKED!!

Thank you and thank you!

Is there a way for me to close out this topic, now that it is solved? Or, do we just let this here for others to reference?


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