Camera pans or zooms where i see nothing

I lost the view of my model.
Tried camera>previous to get back but every time I try to zoom out using mouse wheel, the model disappears again.
Now it’s lost to somewhere i can’t find it, but i think it’s still there somewhere.

Post the model. It is likely that you have some very large items lurking, or some small things that have been moved half a galaxy away from the area you are actually working on. One thing you can also try is opening the Outliner, selecting something there, right-clicking on it and selecting “Zoom selection” from the context menu.

Try Zoom Extents.

OK, I’ll try that… where di I find "outliner? and how do I select anything when i’v got nothing but a blank screen?
And where is the “context menu”?

You mean use the zoom tool? what is zoom extents?

Zoom Extents positions the camera to see the space occupied by your model. The button looks like the one at the bottom in my screenshot. It might be in a different place since you’re using the free web version.

OK, thanks…I selected that zoom extents button.
There is no change to the tool i’m using. When I selected if from paint i still have paint., etc

It’s not supposed to change the cursor. It’s just supposed to adjust the camera to show the space conumed by the model. If you still aren’t seeing your model after that, save it, download it to your computer and share it with us so we can help you get it sorted out.

Are you using the free web version of SketchUp or SketchUp 2017 Make?

OK, the problem went away. I clicked the undo button several times until i got the view of a close, close-up inside one of my yellow areas (from which I haven’t been able to back out) but one more click of camera>previous got me a view of my models . . .all flat drawings,

What are you modeling? Zoom Extents should show you the model.

I have about 25 areas in which multiple polygons are clustered.
I’m doing an inventory of all possible changes to any map and am able to show that the possibilities are exhausted before any situations form in which there are more than 4 areas mutual to each other (which would violate the 4-color map theorem) and so can prove the theorem.

I could share some of the arguments here, but you might not be interested. Anyway, I’ve published part of my analysis, and intend to do the more rigorous version soon.

Zoom extents put me close inside one of my drawings, at the origin, from which it was a long way to back out. In fact, the regular zooming i had been doing with the mouse wheel put me there several times by itself, even when the cursor was on a surface i a model.

Very disconcerting.

Something’s screwy with your model. Zoom Extents should have zoomed the camera tso it would encompass the entire model, not put the camera inside the model. I guess you won’t share the file so I can’t help any further.

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