I can't see my model in SketchUp

Hi, I really hope someone could help me out. My sketchup file turned grey apart from 3 guide lines and I can’t see my model. I tried Zoom Extent but this unfortunately doesn’t work. My question was if someone could help me out

Appreciate any help,

Can you share your model? Typically this is triggered by objects that are an astronomical distance away from the model origin.

The file is too big to send, so I don’t think that’s possible. However I do have a little update. I found something on Youtube and the lines are gone. I uploaded my file via import and you can see that there is something there, cause you can see the blue lines around the house. But the thing is that the house is invisible.

We will need to see the file to diagnose it. If it’s too big then post to a file sharing system like Dropbox or Google and post that link here.

You might post an image of what you are seeing… it kind of sounds like you are in or outside of a container, but that is just a guess without seeing something.