I cannot find my model! Help!

Somehow my model zoomed too far in (I think because my whole screen is white) and I cannot find my model anywhere! I need help asap as this is a final project…

Share the .skp file so we can try to help you.

Please clean up ypur forum profile. The operating system must be Windows 10 or 11 or some version of Mac OS. And 8 gb is not a graphics card. Add the correct year to the SketchUp version.

It says the file is too large

So upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

I have Sketchup Pro 2023, and macOS Big Sur, I can update that. Let me know if that link works! Thank you for your help

The link worked. I’m still trying to get it sorted out. It’s really screwed up.

Thank you so much. I know :sweat:

Alright. I found a bad component called Porch Swing. I delete it from the model and was able to restore the view of your model. I also fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_2_2024 , 6_06_47 PM
And purged unused stuff from your file.
Screenshot - 3_2_2024 , 6_07_34 PM
You need to be downloading entourage from the 3D Warehouse and elsewhere into a separate SketchUp file so you can check it to make sure it is suitable. Clean it up if needed or reject it and go searching again for something different before copying it and placing it in your project file. Keep your model clean and light as you go.

Here’s the file. It is reduced by almost 56% but tt still could stand to be put on a diet before you add anything else to it but you should be able to work on it.

Thank you! All of my materials and some of my work is gone…

Quite a bit of it actually, is that just from the porch swing? I appreciate you!

I guess I just want to know if I can get all the materials and colors back

You can change the face style back to Shaded with Textures to see the materials. I set the face style to Monochrome to make it easier to pan and orbit around the model.

The only thing I deleted from the model space was the porch swing. Everything else that was purged was not used in the model space. It was all unused stuff.

Where do I find the shaded with textures? You are incredible seriously thank you so much!

Go to the View menu and choose Face Style>Shaded with Textures.