My sketchup work zoomed out


I was recently working on a project and im unable to see the model now as it has zoomed out to infinity and Zoom Extend isnt working as well and im only seeing a plus sign
please help.

Share the model here and one of us can likely fix it for you.

BTW there is no such thing as the free version your profile says. Please correct that, or, if you are using a cracked version go away.

Hi yes sorry i dont own a pc so i am using my friends Sketchup account that is a Pro Plan i am assuming.
Sorry about that.

What is the objective for this model? To make it as large as absolutely possible?

I’m trying to fix your model for you but before I can get it to respond I’ve started my normal cleanup process. It’s incredibly slow going though.

Well, that was painful. You allowed this model to get severely out of control. I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 4_15_2024 , 6_35_29 AM

Purged unused stuff from the model. I don’t know why you are hoarding all of that.
Screenshot - 4_15_2024 , 7_14_50 AM

I also reduced the size of the huge texture images. There’s no reason for such large textures.

After that I was able to fix the camera position.

I wound up deleting and purging some of the excessively detailed entourage like plants and some of the outdoor furniture from the model. You need to get in the habit of looking for low-poly objects to add to your models. More could be done to streamline your model; mainly replacing other furniture with low-poly versions.

The cleanup reduced the file size by about 72%. It’s still a huge file and you need to work on cleaning it up further. Here’s the link. I’ll leave the file there for 2 hours but I need the space in my DropBox so it will be removed after that.


Thankyou so much i just started learning this for the first time this month for my course as i am more used to 3ds max.