After importing a DWG, I can not see my model

I imported a DWG file into my sketchup file. Once I did that, all of a sudden, I can’t see my model anymore. It was deleted, because all the entities and materials are still in there. HELP

How big is the .dwg compared to the rest of your model? Is the rest of your model made up of groups and/or components? If so, go to Outliner and find one of them. Right click on it and choose Zoom Selection.

If you share the .skp file with us we can give you help without having to guess at what you got wrong.

Uploading 13% and then it says sorry there is an error uploading your file.
Did zoom selection on an outliner and still nothing.
I x’d out of the file and when I reopened it, it said it was locked and do you want to open with read only.

Probably too large to upload here. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

That would imply the file was already open in another session.

Can I share the google drive link?

You have to grant access. The file is private to you.

The most common reason is using a wrong import unit, for instance using meters instead of millimeters. That would make your previous model infinitesimally small compared to what you imported.

Okay try now

OK. So you’ve been doing your modeling with the Camera set to Parallel Projection and have it positioned at a huge distance from the model. I fixed that. And then I fixed the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 2_15_2021 , 3_09_43 PM

…followed by purging unused stuff from your model.
Screenshot - 2_15_2021 , 3_10_14 PM
This reduced the file size by nearly73%.

There are three edge segments in the right have of the model space in this view.

After deleting them, I was able to zoom in on the model like so.

There seems to be a fair number of overly detailed components in the model still and these will slow things down.

Your model has fallen victim to a massive set of texts that are placed effectively at infinity. I erased them and got this, is it what you expect to see?

Edit: looks the same as what @DaveR got!

Yes I cold cry thank you everyone for helping.
Will i be able to open the file in my google drive and it will be fixed?

When i opened it from google drive, it was not fixed. How do i open your fixed file?

Of course it’s not fixed. It’s the file you uploaded. Just hold your horses.

Try this link.

I opened, and it opened fine, but now it is working very very slowly. Even just to zoom in a little bit.

As I said, your model is heavy with overly detailed components. You really should strip them down to lighten the load.

Is there a certain way to do that? Do i just explode the item all the way? Then group it?

No. You need to open them for editing and then start removing unneeded detail.

Its not letting me do anything because its moving so slowly. It was working fine before the issue happened.