Desktop PC hardware recommendation

I’m building a new desktop PC and look for advices on hardware, mainly CPU and graphic card. First, for CPU (which I don’t want to overclock), I don’t yet do heavy rendering, but will do more in near future. So I’m thinking i5-6600 or i7-7700. Does it do a real difference, as they both exceed the recommended speed for Sketchup 17?
Second, for the graphic card, I read a lot of posts and I’m still confused if an entry level Quadro K620 would be better then a GeForce GTX 1050Ti (or some similar gaming card) at somewhat the same price.
I’m not a professional, but I want something reliable and long lasting. Furthermore, I don’t want to waste time on technical issues with thing such as drivers and various incompatibilities. According to Nvidia site, Quadro is best suited for cad then GeForce.

Thanks for your help!

Probably the i7 would be better, especially for photorealistic rendering (it has the capability of creating 8 threads compared to 4 for the i5.

I consider entry-level Quadros pretty useless in 3D work, and Quadros overall don’t offer any benefits for SketchUp work, even the most expensive ones. A decent “gaming” card is sufficient for most modern 3D applications. The high-end Quadros are mainly meant for high-end CAD/CAM applications used in, for instance, the aeronautical industries.

Thanks a lot Anssi, I will go with your recommendations.

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